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Gingin, Western Australia is a small, agricultural town located about 90 km north of Perth. With a small population, less than 600 people according to the 2006 census, Gingin’s economy is supported mainly by agriculture, including various crops and livestock. At first glance, Gingin appears to be a typical rural area with minimal infrastructure requirements; however, this is most definitely not the case. Roadways play a pivotal role in the economies of both the immediate and surrounding areas, and their maintenance is crucial.

The town of Gingin is not only responsible for the roads of its town, but also the surrounding Shire of Gingin, which covers 3325 km2 and boasts 410 km of sealed roads. In addition to the town’s necessity of transportation for commerce, the Shire of Gingin also includes the major highway used for delivering fertilizer to the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Combined with the transportation of goods from the Wheatbelt, which accounts for two thirds of the nation’s wheat and half of its wool production, maintaining the roadways in the Shire of Gingin is a major responsibility with implications not only for local residents, but also for a vast amount of the surrounding regions.

The burden of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of Joe Hodges, Principal Works Supervisor of Gingin. When it comes to road repairs, Hodges depends on EZ Street cold mix asphalt.

Initially, Joe was skeptical about the various claims of the product, such as its permanence, ability to be stockpiled, and effectiveness in the presence of water.

The concerns Joe had rooted his skepticism in turned out to be, in fact, the very reasons that won over his faith in the product; the bold assertions about EZ Street’s performance held true in spades. Since then, Joe has become a regular customer of EZ Street for the last two years. Now, Joe regularly orders twenty bulk, one tonne bags and remains satisfied with the product.

Recently, Joe ordered 40 tonnes of EZ Street bulk to catch up on several repair projects that have been accumulating. Beyond traditional pothole repair, EZ Street’s versatility allows the product to be used in various applications. One specific example of this is repairing a fault between a spray seal and a spray sealed widening.

To date, Joe, like many other regular EZ Street customers, remains happy and satisfied utilizing the product for his repairs. Thanks to EZ Street cold mix asphalt, the Shire of Gingin and surrounding areas are able to maintain optimal road surfaces with permanent repairs in any weather condition.

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