Duvauchelles Winter Pothole Patch

A universe where potholes can be repaired during the dreary chill of a Duvauchelles winter.

20 to 30 Pothole Repairs in a Day

Lyttleton, New Zealand was recently pounded by angry weather. Their roads needed fixed—fast.

Hilltop Edge Repair

Banks Peninsula, Christchurch is a long way from the nearest hot asphalt plant. Doing traditional hot asphalt road repairs is a challenge.

Parking Lot Pothole Patch, Tegel Foods

Tegel Foods in Christchurch is a major poultry processing plant. Five-ton trucks are part of daily life here. So are potholes in the parking lot.

Roadside Crack Repairs

Working with Fulton Hogan in Christchurch, Tony says EZ Street cold asphalt is the best material he’s ever found for road repair.

Hilltop Pothole Repair

Luke works with Fulton Hogan in Canterbury, and here he shows just how quick and easy pothole repair can be. Taking a 22 kg bag of EZ Street asphalt off his truck, he goes to the pothole.

Green Bay High School

Potholes scattered around were becoming a serious and dangerous problem for Green Bay High School in Auckland, New Zealand.

Edge Break Repair

Over time, with exposure to elements road edging breaks away. EZ Street is used to renew the road edge and soon is good as new.

Fulton Hogan Wet Pothole Repair

Fulton Hogan main yard in Canterbury developed a lot of potholes after intense rain and heavy traffic. EZ Street was applied as soon as practicable keeping the yard in tip top condition.

Truck Yard Repair

Turning trucks can be beasts. They churn up big holes in places where such beasts congregate. In these situations, EZ Street Asphalt comes to the rescue.