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Truck Yard Repair

By July 22, 2023No Comments

Big Truck Yards See Big Damage—But Now, Big Repairs Are Quick & Easy

Turning trucks can be beasts. They churn up big holes in places where such beasts congregate. In these situations, EZ Street Asphalt comes to the rescue. Here, this truck yard in Canterbury has a pothole that’s the result of trucks turning into the yard and making that pothole ever greater. But in just a few minutes, men from the yard shovel EZ Street into the hole, compact it, and it’s done: A guaranteed permanent repair that withstands the inevitable abuse of more trucks and more turns. Workable in any weather, EZ Street Asphalt works even in water. And this truck yard can stockpile bulk EZ Street at their location for as long six months. Bagged product can be stored for as long as one year. This truly is an easy-to-use product that’s ready to work when you are. (And did we say guaranteed permanent?)

If you are unsure as to the correct application for EZ Street, please call us at 0800 33 999 33, contact your local sales rep or contact us for consultation.

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