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Project Description

Purpose of review for recent trials held between November 2011 and June 2013 using EZ Street premium Cold mix with others as an alternative to standard bitumen cold mix to repair potholes. Project description seeks the approval from Sprayline Road Services SLT to use premium cold mixes as the preferred method of temporary repairing potholes by demonstrating that premium cold mixes offer better whole of life value for money even though the material costs is more expensive.


Up until the recent trials standard bitumen cold mixes were used to carry out temporary pothole repairs. These repairs needed to be maintained until permanent repairs can be completed, as these repairs general only lasted 2 months. Depending on the severity of the individual pothole and available resources and budgets, permanent repairs generally takes up to 2 years before being completed, requiring temporary repairs to be maintained during this period.


Starting in November 2011 Sprayline Road Services Metro South East and South Western have been conducting trials of various cold mixes. Initial trials were based on samples supplied by manufacturers of their products. These samples were used to repair random potholes on the network and the location recorded and checked weekly for 6 month period. Products extended to premium grade through to General Cold Mix. After reviewing by two 6 month intervals comparison showed that after 12 months from the 600 potholes repaired premium grade had completed in accordance with manufactures specification. When used correctly these trials have shown that premium cold mixes will outperform standard bitumen by at least 10 months.

Worst Case Best Case
Visits Costs Visits Costs
20 kg packets 3 $ 1,680 2 $ 1,120
1 to 3 tonne bags 3 $ 1,230 2 $ 820
5 tonne bags 3 $ 1,050 2 $ 700
Bulk 3 $ 942 2 $ 614
*Standard cold
mix bulk
13 $ 3,263 2 $ 1,255

Outcomes of Premium Grade Cold Mix

  • Less Visits
  • Economic Benefits and Cost Saving
  • Longer lasting repairs
  • Colin Prentice
  • Operations Manager –MSE
  • Sprayline Road Services

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