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If you’ve got a project on your hands that involves paving or using asphalt, you are going to want to be clear about the differences between hot and cold. Here’s what you need to know.

Hot Asphalt: What Makes It Unique

Hot asphalt is a mixture of materials such as gravel, stone and sand. This type of asphalt cement requires heating to 150 degrees or more before it is transported and used on site. Luckily, the hot-mix cools quickly, so installation can still be very quick.


Hot asphalt’s strength and heat absorption allow it to resist severe weather conditions like winds, heatwaves and wet weather. It also melts snow and frost much faster than alternative paving materials.


Hot mix asphalt is the most durable grade of paving asphalt, which is why it’s used for high traffic roads and highways. Cold mix asphalt isn’t strong enough for regular vehicle traffic.


Hot asphalt is more malleable than alternative paving materials like concrete. Its make-up allows it to expand and contract in different weather conditions so that it doesn’t crack or get damaged easily.

When is Hot Asphalt Used?

Hot asphalt is more commonly used for large-scale projects like paving car parks, roads, and driveways. It is more expensive than alternatives and takes more time and resources to apply as it is typically used in large quantities, needs to be heated at very high temperatures and specially transported prior to application.

Cold Asphalt: What Makes It Unique

Cold mix asphalt does not require any heating for application making it more readily available and easier to use than hot asphalt or other paving alternatives.


Cold mix asphalt is a much more affordable option. Unlike hot asphalt it can be purchased in small quantities so rather than purchasing by the ton, you can get your cold asphalt by the bag – as small as 15kg.


Since cold asphalt does not require heating and can be purchased in smaller quantities, its application is much quicker than hot asphalt. This makes it more ideal for urgent or smaller projects.


Cold mix asphalt is more versatile as it can be used quite easily across different projects. It can also be laid in cooler temperatures without a hassle, making it an ideal choice to use year-round.

When is Cold Asphalt Used?

In Australia, cold mix asphalt is commonly used for repair work like fixing driveways, footpaths, cracks or potholes.

Cold Mix Asphalt Suppliers In Australia

EZ Street Asphalt is a reliable cold asphalt supplier and pothole repair company that operates Australia-wide. If you are interested in purchasing cold asphalt and have any questions regarding asphalt cold patches including cold mix asphalt price per tonne, contact us today and we will be happy to help you with all your asphalt needs.

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