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Roadside Crack Repairs

Check how fast and easy it is by repairing road cracks from the 2016 Valentine’s Day earthquake


Product Packaging

EZ Street Asphalt comes in 20kg Bags, 20kg Buckets, 250kg Bags, 1 tonne Bags and in Bulk


Immediately Trafficable

As soon as initial compaction is complete, the EZ Street Asphalt repair is ready to open up to traffic.



EZ Street Regional Contacts

EZ Street in Action!

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Works in Water

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The EZ Street Cold Patch Advantage

EZ Street is a polymer-modified high-performance industry-changing asphalt guaranteed to permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, overlays and edge repairs in asphalt or concrete. Not only does EZ Street Asphalt work in ALL weather conditions, it even works in water. No matter the location, the weather, or the time of day, EZ Street Asphalt is quick, effective, permanent and requires a minimal installation crew. It really is EZ!

Did You Know that EZ Street Cold Asphalt

Is a permanent pothole repair solution

Is eco-friendly, manufactured using biodiesel

Works in water

Doesn’t require heating or primer

Doesn’t bleed

Sets to the surface in no time

Has a 12 month shelf life

Comes in 20kg Bags, 20kg Buckets, 250kg Bags, 1 tonne Bags and in Bulk

Available for Individual and Bulk Buy

20 kg Bag

20 kg Bucket

250 kg Bag

Bulk & bulk bags

Fulton Hogan & EZ Street

A marriage made down under. The relationship between Australia, Fulton Hogan, and EZ Street Asphalt is as enduring as the product itself.

Fulton Hogan employees, with a vested interest in their company, are enthusiastic brand ambassadors for both Fulton Hogan and for the EZ Street product—maintaining Australia’s infrastructure and keeping everyone on the move.

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DIY Tip!

When laying EZ Street make sure the minimum thickness is 25 mm. If you will be compacting the layers thicker, remember to compact every 25 mm.

To appeal to the do-it-yourselfer

EZ Street has 20 kg bags available for small DIY jobs around the home ie driveways etc. These bags are available from most Bunnings stores nationwide. A small quantity is EZ to handle and requires no specialist tools. Too EZ!!

Quality Roading and Services

From Wairoa in Hawkes Bay have had great success using EZ Street as a 100% substitute to D GEM. Tony O’Sullivan, QRS contracting manager uses EZ Street for potholes, depressions and edge breaks on Local Authority contracts and is impressed that the product can be used in any conditions and has longevity that exceeds any other cold mix product on the market. He comments that the product is easy to transport and handle in 1 tonne bags and knowing the exact bag weight makes calibration and application easy.

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