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EZ Street cold asphalt not only performs well over time. It's versatile and easy to install. For large jobs the product can be ordered in bulk - but for smaller applications, including around the home, it's smart to always have a bag of EZ Street cold asphalt nearby.

  1. Potholes - This is the effective "throw-and-go" solution for pothole repair. A quick application of EZ Street cold patch to fix potholes can halt deterioration that would later threaten the road structure.
  2. Overlays - Make this a one-step-only process, using EZ Street cold mix as a permanent solution for large deteriorating road sections, instead of an emergency cold overlay followed weeks later with hot mix.
  3. Utility cuts - Because EZ Street patch installation enables high-quality, long-lasting repairs, utility company crews can do the repairs themselves (averting the need for highway crews' involvement).
  4. Bridge work - Bridge approaches and the wearing courses around joints in bridges require flexibility. The undersurface of EZ Street cold asphalt provides a slight flex to accommodate this constant movement.
  5. Pole reinstatements - Job time and money spent are minimized with EZ Street cold mix.
  6. Kerb and channels - Gutter/kerb and other special asphalt areas (including breaks in concrete) are easily fixed with EZ Street cold asphalt.
  7. Footpath trip hazards - Repair walkway pavement easily before there is an accident - and lawsuit. Fast installation and long-lasting repairs minimize path closures.
  8. Driveway repair - Pavement deterioration at home can be easily fixed by do-it-yourself homeowners who use the simple EZ Street sweep-fill-compact method.
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