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Roadside Crack Repairs

Check how fast and easy it is by repairing road cracks from the 2016 Valentine’s Day earthquake


Product Packaging

EZ Street Asphalt comes in 20kg Bags, 20kg Buckets, 250kg Bags, 1 tonne Bags and in Bulk


Immediately Trafficable

As soon as initial compaction is complete, the EZ Street Asphalt repair is ready to open up to traffic.

In the same time required for a temporary cold patch, EZ Street Asphalt yields a permanent repair—guaranteed.

EZ Street comes in a variety of formats, depending upon how much your customer needs on hand.

From bags to stockpiles of loose bulk, EZ Street can be kept on hand in any quantity that works for your customer.

22 kg bag

Bulk Sack

(Approx. 1 Tonne)

It’s the 21st century. Why are so many people still repairing potholes like it’s 1901?

EZ Street is the premium cold asphalt product that the 21st century demands and deserves. Key benefits of EZ Street include:

  • Saving thousands by eliminating temporary patching and costly follow-up with hot mix. A cold-mix crew armed with EZ Street makes permanent repairs on the first go.
  • Maximising efficiency by opening roads to traffic immediately. Asphalt repairs can happen with minimal preparation, planning, time on the job, and operational overhead.
  • Eliminating wet-weather down time because EZ Street works in water—and the repair is still guaranteed permanent.
  • Being ready to work at a moment’s notice by stockpiling EZ Street. It remains workable for 6-8 months, and can be accessed 24/7. There’s no running between asphalt plants or waiting around when a plant is closed.
  • Eliminating dangerous fumes and handling problems with EZ Street’s fume-free formula.
  • No more messy tack coats! EZ Street is ready to apply straight from the bag or stockpile, no preparation required beyond sweeping out the hole.
  • Using it any place hot asphalt is a good idea. Whatever the weather, you can make permanent repairs of potholes, utility trenches, manhole surrounds, overlays, edges, trip hazards, and more.

“EZ Street…is easy to apply and does not require mixing or sealing layers. Simply sweep the affected area, fill it with EZ Street cold asphalt, and compact it with a shovel or simply passing over it with a vehicle. It’s really simple!”

It really is permanent asphalt as easy as 1-2-3

Installation requires just a simple, three-step process

1. Sweep

Remove loose material by raking or sweeping. A solid base ensures adherence. (Water, if present, need not be drained).

It really is permanent asphalt
as easy as 1-2-3

Installation requires just a simple, three-step process

1. Sweep

Remove loose material by raking or sweeping. A solid base ensures adherence. (Water, if present, need not be drained).

2. Fill

Simply shovel EZ Street into the hole. (Deeper holes require multiple lifts of 50mm.)

3. Compact

The product may be compacted using a hand tamper, a vibrating plate compactor, or even the wheel of your vehicle. Allow the material to crown, as normal traffic will provide secondary compaction.

NOTE: Tossing sand onto fresh patches is unnecessary. EZ Street does not adhere to shoes or automobile tires.

EZ Street is a product that performs as promised and sells itself.

Just ask your customer:

Want to cut asphalt repair costs by as much as 50%?

Want to eliminate downtime related to weather and plant closures?

Want to make guaranteed permanent repairs in the same time it usually takes to make a temporary repair with an inferior product?

Offer a free sample of EZ Street Asphalt—and they’ll be showing potholes who’s boss.

Coverage guide

Need more? Consider purchasing a one tonne bulk bag, which can cover 17m2 @ 25mm compacted depth. For further calculations, use our job calculator on:

Pothole Repair, Campbelltown, NSW

Tom’s Toolbox: Demo

— One pothole at a time

With the introduction of Bioblends® by EZ Street, the intersection of technology and nature is happening today at EZ Street. With our advanced bio-fuel, not only have we successfully found meaningful applications for green fuel substitutes in-lieu of fossil fuels, we are delivering enhanced workability in every shovel full, helping you reduce your carbon footprint one pothole at a time. Learn more about our hybrid asphalt technology research, and the impact it is having on the local environment.


Balanced Chemistry

Utilizes 100% Renewable Resources

Leverages Modern Recycling Technology

Made with 100% renewable resources and select recycled materials, Bioblends® by EZ Street performs equally as well as its predecessor with the added bonus of a product that is uniquely green.

The EZ Street Cold Patch Advantage

EZ Street is a polymer-modified high-performance industry-changing asphalt guaranteed to permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, overlays and edge repairs in asphalt or concrete. Not only does EZ Street asphalt work in ALL weather conditions, it even works in water. No matter the location, the weather, or the time of day, EZ Street asphalt is quick, effective, permanent and requires a minimal installation crew. It really is EZ!

Guaranteed Permanent

EZ Street cold asphalt repair is guaranteed permanent. Do it right the first time. Patch potholes or close utility cuts permanently with EZ Street cold patch.

Works in Water & ALL Weather

Potholes don’t wait for nice weather. EZ Street cold asphalt can be applied directly into a water-filled pothole or other asphalt repair on a cold or rainy day.

No Mixing, No Tack Coat

EZ Street cold patch requires no mixing and no tack coat. It can be applied directly onto a wet or dry surface with no preparation whether the application be an asphalt overlay, pothole repair, utility cut or edge repair.

Instantly Ready for Traffic

As soon as initial compaction is complete, the EZ Street asphalt repair is ready to open up to traffic. Finishing the job faster means fewer labor and equipment hours and reduced traffic risks for workers and the travelling public.

Ready to Use, Easy to Use

No special equipment required. EZ Street cold asphalt is ready to use right out of the bag making it perfect for applications ranging from driveway repair to parking lot repair to road repair.

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