Installation Guide

EZ Street Cold Asphalt is easier to install than hot mix. Installation requires a simple, three-step process:

Fulton Hogan Wet Pothole Repair In New Zealand With EZ Street


Sweep out area to be patched. Make sure to remove all loose debris, broken pieces of pavement and dust. Where possible square the edges for better longevity of repair.



Holes and crevasses can be filled - in 50 mm lifts - with EZ Street Cold Asphalt, compacted properly (see next step). Perform this step in layers if holes are deeper than 50 mm.



Using a tamper compact the EZ Street asphalt to just over the level of the existing pavement. For a more secure a mechanical compactor may be used.


Whether it is to repair potholes, driveways, provide road reinstatements or overlays, your work has never been easier than on EZ Street.